Plumbers are doing more radiator jobs – New research reveals

New research has shown that one in ten plumbers have noticed a larger demand for installing radiators compared to the previous winter. The study, by online heating specialists BestHeating, asked plumbers and tradespeople about the current demand for their services – as well as the types of jobs they are doing. Research shows that 11% of […]

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One in ten tradespeople thinking of quitting after losing customers in the past year

With tradespeople across the country struggling to make ends meet, a new study has revealed that one in five are adapting their business to survive. The research, by designer radiator specialists BestHeating, asked 2,000 tradespeople about their thoughts for the future, and has led to experts providing advice to help anyone struggling in the industry. […]

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Over 4/5 tradespeople are worried about the future of the industry

A new nationwide study of tradespeople has revealed that more than four-fifths are worried about the future of the industry (85%) and 29% are considering getting a second job so that they can get by. The research by designer radiator specialists BestHeating highlights the pressures that currently face trades and their predictions for the 12 months […]

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