Calor welcomes Government’s strategy and considers its impact on rural communities

The Heat and Buildings Strategy has been a long-awaited announcement from the Government on their efforts to tackle carbon emissions caused by both domestic and commercial buildings in the UK. Calor appreciates the steps that the Government has made to address decarbonisation and the target of 2050 in which to achieve it, and there’s no […]

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A Green Future for UK Leisure Industry with bioLPG

George Webb, Chief Executive of Liquid Gas UK, looks at how the industry is transitioning to bioLPG. Many of us across the UK are keen to adopt a greener lifestyle, so the good news is you don’t have to over-haul your LPG system. Sustainable living is possible with the introduction of bioLPG. You may have […]

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Decarbonising heat in off-grid areas may need “a step-by-step approach”

Hosted by Installer, panellists who took part in the webinar Decarbonising Heat in Rural areas off the gas grid, examined the challenges of decarbonising heating in the countryside. Due to the difficulties and costs of insulating the types of buildings that often exist in rural Britain, panellists – Steve Keeton from Vaillant Group, Sophia Haywood […]

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Why BioLPG offers quick carbon-reducing options for installers

Off-grid, rural UK homes have a particular set of challenges when it comes to decarbonising heat in these properties. Karl Bateman, National Specifier Manager at Calor, explains why these factors mean that boilers will continue to have a place in these homes, and why sustainable fuels such as BioLPG offer installers an easy way to […]

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One industry council is needed to drive Net Zero

A single unifying body can concentrate all efforts from all sectors of the building products and services industry, to achieve a clear and concise information exchange to drive Net Zero carbon. Rinnai Managing Director Tony Gittings gives his view: At Rinnai, we’re calling for a single body or council to represent all buildings, products & […]

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