boiler breakdown

3 most common questions about boiler breakdowns answered

With predictions from the Met Office forecasting more wet and chilly weather across the country, it’s important that you make sure you’re not stuck without heating during this cold snap.  Temperatures recorded at -12.5°C highlighted the UK is now experiencing the coldest temperatures since last winter and with more to come over the coming weeks, […]

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Why do customers ask for a service when their boiler breaks down?

Heating Engineer Andy Gibbs discusses one of the most annoying things that his customers say when they call him up: Hi, can I book you in to come and service my boiler, please? Certainly, madam, I can come in two weeks tomorrow. Nothing sooner? Only it’s not working and I think it just needs a […]

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How installers can help customers from a safe distance

In these uncertain times, many trades are having to get used to working in a different way. Installers are no different. Claire Miller, Marketing Director at ADEY, advises how installers can help customers from a safe distance. With increased numbers of people now working from home, pressure on the typical household systems we all take […]

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