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Tool theft hits record high with break-ins costing business over £46million – says new research

Tool theft from vans has soared by 15% in the last three years costing businesses over £46 million, according to research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Police forces across the UK have recorded over 64,000 cases of theft from commercial vehicles since April 2015 with a record 23,859 incidents in 2017/18. Figures obtained by Volkswagen Commercial […]

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The "Beast from the East" raises questions about gas shortages

Martyn Bridges – Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch – believes that the current gas infrastructure in the UK is more capable than any other energy source of dealing with peaks in demand. Thanks to sub-zero temperatures experienced last week in the UK, the National Grid reported fears of a potential […]

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Plumberparts nominated for top video content award

Plumberparts is in the running for an EKBB Influencer Award, which celebrates “bloggers, vloggers and social media superstars” of the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom industry. The plumbing and heating YouTuber will be going up against four other finalists in the Best Video Content category, including: Sarah Akwisombe The Topless Baker Tess Ward Zoella Plumberparts concentrates on […]

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Five reasons why installers should use energy-saving heating system additives

Barry McMullen, Operations Manager at EndoTherm, gives five reasons why energy-saving heating additives should be a part of any installer’s toolbox.  Any heating installer knows that specifying the most efficient components possible is in everyone’s interests – and this applies to everything from boilers to emitters. After all, an efficient heating system means better performance […]

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Is bigger always better for boiler modulation ratios?

Some of today’s boilers offer high modulation ratios, but, considering average heat loads in the UK, is such a wide range ever required? Alisdair Cumming – Research and Development Manager – explains why a modulation ratio of 5:1 will provide efficiency, comfort and reliability for the majority of UK homes. In recent years, boiler manufacturers have […]

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