Energy prices set to soar after Brexit – warns energy switching service

Make It Cheaper is urging UK business owners to switch to a better business energy deal and lock prices in for as long as possible, before energy prices soar when the UK leaves the EU. With less than six months to go until the UK officially leaves leave the EU, there’s still an unsettling amount of […]

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"Get ready for Brexit by helping – not hitting – the self-employed" – says Pandle

Pre-Budget hints that Chancellor Philip Hammond is eyeing tax raids on freelancers in the impending Budget, together with other tax raising measures to end “austerity” in some of the public sector, is the “wrong medicine at the wrong time – and would be an epic disaster for the tech sector and economy if they are […]

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Survey reveals installers think country of manufacture is an important factor when buying products

76% of people surveyed think country of manufacture is an important factor when it comes to purchasing. A survey, carried out by Giacomini UK, explored attitudes toward manufacturing and revealed some interesting post-Brexit insights. When asked if the country of origin was checked before purchasing building and HVAC supplies, just 19% said that they never […]

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Brexit clarity needed after article 50 ruling – says BSRIA

BSRIA has commented on the announcement after uncertainty was cast on the timetable for Brexit after the prime minister’s government lost a High Court case challenging its right to trigger Article 50 without a vote in Parliament. Parliament alone has the power to activate Brexit, a High Court judge has ruled. Government said it would […]

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Clarification needed after Brexit – says BSRIA

BSRIA has garnered the following intelligence from a recent member survey, the salient points were: Clarification of the exit deal is needed; a short term downturn is expected until Article 50 is implemented; there is a general slowdown in investment until there are some clearly defined plans for trade tariffs; whether the UK chooses to […]

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