British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff

Help your customers to access low cost, low carbon heating with new revolutionary British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff!*

Building on our award-winning partnership with British Gas, the Dimplex Quantum Tariff has been designed specifically to help Dimplex Quantum storage heater users* reduce their energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable future. Your customers can now benefit from the first-of-its-kind optimised smart tariff, exclusively designed for the latest Dimplex Quantum smart storage heaters. […]

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British Gas launches Dimplex Quantum Tariff, a smart tariff designed to decarbonise homes

British Gas and Dimplex have partnered to launch the British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff, the UK’s most advanced electric storage heating tariff for use with the Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater. The Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater, from manufacturer Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, is a revolution of the traditional storage heater; a heat battery, designed to […]

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