Almost one in three MPs support the Aldous Bill, which looks to reform cash retentions in the construction industry

207 MPs, that’s almost one in three, now support the Aldous Bill which looks to secure support for reforming cash retentions in construction. The backing comes alongside an unprecedented coalition of over 80 industry bodies and trade associations, representing over 580,000 businesses and sole traders. This is the largest fair payments campaign ever formed in […]

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New proposal to avoid another Carillion-type credit disaster for contractors and merchants.

Marsh Industries has proposed a simple solution to protect the industry from any future Carillion-like disaster. Suppliers of goods and services can only base their credit decisions on the information in the public domain and may not have the resource to obtain credit insurance. This can lead to an erroneous belief in the financial solidity […]

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The CIPHE is offering complimentary membership and proactive support to Carillion apprentices

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering (CIPHE) is offering apprentices affected by the collapse of Carillion plc, complimentary Trainee Membership and support in finding other potential employers. Tim Sainty, Membership Director for the CIPHE said: “CIPHE is devoted to professionalism and standards in the plumbing and heating industry, so to see apprentices learning […]

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