Chris Flaherty

Are current EPC ratings failing Heat Pumps?

Chris Flaherty – Plumbing and Heating Specialist and owner of Vietec Heating Ltd – questions whether EPC ratings are giving an accurate view of the efficiency of heat pump installs. This article is NOT criticising heat pumps, but the EPC system for energy ratings. I completed a flat refurbishment in December 2023, where the whole […]

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VDI2035 and Electrochemistry – Installers give their views

The use of electrochemistry to control water quality without the need for chemical inhibitors and biocides is fast growing. This, and the principles of VDI2035, have become increasingly popular with some environmentally aware installers and consumers. We talk with some of InstallerSHOW exhibitor Elysator’s customers who have adopted a non-additive approach to water treatment. Speakers: […]

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