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Is the UK media biased against hydrogen?

Rinnai’s Chris Goggin looks at some of the reasons why the UK media is favouring some energy pathways over others in the current era of transition to net zero: Turbulent times produce added information that turns out to be not wholly true but more of a disguised agenda. We are all aware of the use […]

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Rinnai set to launch H3 range of low carbon heating and hot water systems

Rinnai is set to launch its ‘H3’ range of products consisting of Hydrogen blends-ready water heating systems in hybrid versions and a comprehensive selection of heat pumps specifically designed for commercial use. It is also expected that the company will be launching electric formats to existing product ranges within the next 12 months. The new […]

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Global investment into hydrogen is piling high

Rinnai’s Chris Goggin looks at the huge sums being invested by the superpowers, sovereign funds and major multinational companies into the production and storage of hydrogen as one of the coming fuels in the road to decarbonisation Hydrogen is attracting huge levels of worldwide investment running into the billions and trillions and UK end users […]

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Are energy islands a part of the answer in decarbonisation?

Chris Goggin of Rinnai looks at the advent of energy islands which look set to be a major part of the drive to decarbonisation in both the international arena and the UK. Decarbonisation of the industrialised world’s fuel supply is acknowledged as being the overriding priority in tackling climate change. Industry and governments across the […]

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