The benefits of no-touch technology for commercial washroom settings

The hygiene benefits of no-touch are a vital element of any commercial washroom setting. Adding infrared no-touch taps to your offering brings customers health and savings benefits and brings installers and contractors added-value sales opportunities. What are the benefits of no-touch? The obvious benefit of installing infrared no-touch taps into commercial washrooms is that by […]

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Urinal Flushing Controls – powered or powerless?

Cistern-fed urinals are commonly installed in pubs, clubs and all types of commercial buildings. Kevin Belben, Technical Applications Manager at Cistermiser, reviews product selection and fitting options for powered or powerless urinal flushing controls in Gents washrooms: No Power Required First patented and launched over 40 years ago, the ingenious Cistermiser Hydraulic valve is arguably […]

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