Golden Anniversary of the Concealed Cistern

2014 will see Geberit celebrate the anniversary of the launch of its concealed cisterns. It has been 50 years since Geberit first introduced the cistern that was mounted behind the wall rather than in front of it. Sparking the development of prewall installation, which enabled a previously unimagined level of creative freedom in bathroom applications, […]

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Cistermiser has launched the Sensazone System

Cistermiser has launched the Sensazone System. This is a complete evolution of Sensazone that now enables both lighting and fan control to be fully integrated with water control in large commercial washroom environments. The new product provides facilities managers, building owners and end users with complete automation, helping to avoid waste by saving both water […]

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Storage solutions

Fitting hot water storage vessels and cold water storage cisterns brings its own challenges. Robin Oakley reviews what should be considered when installing new or retrofit equipment in a traditional low pressure system. Many new entrants to the plumbing industry may find that their on-site training has been limited to mains-fed pressurised hot and cold […]

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