The CMA will investigate Worcester Bosch over concerns it may be misleading shoppers in its marketing of boilers as ‘hydrogen-blend ready’

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will investigate whether Worcester Bosch is misleading shoppers with confusing or inaccurate green claims in the advertising and labelling of its boiler products. The investigation will focus on Worcester Bosch’s so-called ‘hydrogen-blend ready’ home boilers, which range in price from around £1500 to £3200, and whether the marketing claims […]

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New report highlights difficulties buying ‘green’ home heating

A report published by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has highlighted that people looking to buy ‘green home’ heating technologies – such as solar panels and heat pumps – can face difficulties and are not always treated fairly by businesses. To meet the UK government’s target for net zero by 2050, more people will need […]

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70% of Big 6 energy customers are still on the more expensive tariff

The CMA (Competitions and Markets Authority) has set out proposals to reform the energy market, open up competition and help customers get a better deal. Although competition has benefited those customers who have switched to competitively priced fixed-term deals, around 70% of the domestic customers of the 6 largest energy firms are still on the […]

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