Cashing in on energy efficiency

It’s alarming to see current statistics around the potential rise in fuel poverty over the coming months as many of the big six energy companies increase their tariffs. While it’s hard for homeowners to avoid a rise in their household energy bills one of the biggest issues is the UK’s inefficient housing stock. Through insulation […]

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Don't be a drip – network

Plumbers are now one of the top five professions in the UK to benefit completely from networking groups according to recent figures released from the world’s largest networking organisation – BNI – Business Networking International. Plumbers who network are not feeling the recession. There are over 90,000 Plumbers in the UK. All of them rely […]

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The real deal

The Green Deal is currently one of the most documented subjects in the industry yet many installers are not sure what it will actually mean for them. It is crucial to know the basics what could be the most profitable scheme this year. Here, Robin Richardson, a Honeywell Installer Network member, offers his views on […]

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The power of four

The Government’s flagship Green Deal programme, which aims to refurbish the UK’s ageing housing stock, begins this month, but its success is far from assured. Neil Schofield, Head of Government and External Affairs at Worcester, Bosch Group, identifies four key areas that will make or break it. We stand on the cusp of a revolution. […]

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