Committee on Climate Change

UK housing stock needs to future proof for climate change

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has published an Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk, to set out the priority climate change risks and opportunities the Government should embrace for the UK. Based on the key findings of the third Climate Change Risk Assessment, the report outlines a staggering 61 risks and opportunities that are fundamental […]

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Mass deployment of heat pumps or hydrogen feels like an overstep if we can’t get the simple things right

Darren McMahon, Marketing Director at Viessmann, takes a look at the Committee on Climate Change’s report into decarbonising UK homes, and offers his thoughts about the best course of action to take. The Committee on Climate Change has published a comprehensive report setting out the scale of the challenge faced in terms of decarbonising our […]

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OFTEC is disappointed with Committee on Climate Change's stance on heat pumps for off-grid homes

OFTEC has written to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) expressing major disappointment that, despite clear evidence showing heat pumps are not providing a viable route to decarbonising heat from off-grid homes, the Government’s advisory body has still endorsed this approach in its latest report. The recently published ‘Reducing UK emissions: 2018 Progress Report to […]

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