"Condensate scandal is a mere pipe dream" – CIPHE CEO sends letter to the Sunday Times newspaper

An article published in the Sunday Times caused a backlash from installers who thought the authors were blaming them for the frozen condensate pipes that happened during the cold snap. Some heating engineers were angry at the story entitled “Investigation: why so many boilers froze this winter — and who is to blame for this […]

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Heavy rain can be as damaging to a condensing boiler as extreme cold – says Worcester Bosch

Worcester, Bosch Group, is reminding installers that heavy rain can be as damaging to a condensing boiler as extreme cold, if the proper precautions are not taken. In some cases, wet weather can be more costly and burdensome than cold weather, because flooded boilers cannot be repaired. The damage done to a boiler through rainwater […]

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The challenges and solutions for routing and disposing of boiler condensate

Amendments to the Building Regulations back in 2005 effectively made condensing boilers compulsory for both new-build and retrofit installation. Paul Greengrass – Business Development Manager for Heating products at Pump House – explains the challenges and solutions for routing and disposing of boiler condensate. Typically, a 24kW boiler will produce around 1.7 litres of condensate […]

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A new solution for frozen condensate pipes

Condensulate Xtreme – a fit-and-forget solution from insulation specialists GTi – has been created to protect the condensate pipes of condensing boilers from freezing during the winter months. Developed from space age ‘trickle-down’ technology material, Aerogel, Condensulate Xtreme – unlike other solutions – uses no moving parts, thermostats or electricity. Martin Clayton, GTi Business Development […]

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Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve

The Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve has been designed to signal via a RED ball a blockage in the boiler condensate pipe caused by external freezing.  After experiencing extreme weather conditions in the UK, it is noticeable that occurrences of pipes freezing to the boiler have become more frequent.  This can cause a boiler to […]

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