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All hail the condensing boiler – The most successful carbon reduction measure

Neil Schofield – Head of Government and External Affairs for Worcester, Bosch Group – looks at the success of the condensing boiler. What’s been the single most successful domestic carbon reduction measure? That’s stumped you, hasn’t it? I can imagine installers all over the UK scratching their heads and muttering to themselves, “A successful domestic carbon reduction measure? There […]

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ELCO UK helping Chelsea FC's title chances

ELCO UK is helping Chelsea FC’s players with their hunt for silverware this year, by supplying essential parts to power their under pitch heating coils. The company has supplied four R3604 gas-fired condensing boilers as part of a 4,000kW low temperature hot water (LTHW) packaged plant room. The containerised system has been installed at Chelsea […]

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HHIC to celebrate 10 years of the compulsory condensing boiler

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the heating evolution – the compulsory condensing boiler with a Parliamentary Reception. Taking place on the 5th November at the House of Lords in London, the reception sponsored by Lord Whitty will play host to over 100 invited guests all of […]

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Big freeze

In recent years, frozen condensate pipes have caused an increasing number of problems for homeowners and installers alike. Mike Heads looks at the causes and the solutions to this industry-wide problem. Changes to the building regulations in 2005 effectively forced consumers to have condensing boilers installed in new-build properties and upgrade their existing heating system. […]

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