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Conex Bänninger launches >B< Press fittings in Irish sizes

Conex Bänninger is ‘bringing press-fit home’ to Ireland with the launch of its newly-developed >B< Press range in original Irish sizes for copper pipe. The flame-free system is faster, safer and easier to use than traditional brazing and provides a secure and lasting leak-free joint, due to its 3-point press. The cleverly-designed press tool means […]

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Conex Bänninger launches search for UK's Installer Heroes 2020

Conex Bänninger has teamed up with darts legend Bobby George to search for the UK’s Installer Heroes of 2020. The plumbing fittings and valves manufacturer is seeking to celebrate caring installers and ACR engineers who have ‘gone above and beyond’ in these challenging times. It is inviting nominations from those who have helped out deserving […]

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Conex Bänninger introduces new Certified Installer scheme

Conex Bänninger is introducing a Certified Installer scheme to provide more support for plumbing and heating installers. The move is in response to an increasing demand for those employed on construction sites to provide evidence that they have had the relevant training in the products and technology they are working with. The Conex Bänninger scheme […]

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Why it's vital to test fittings on an HVAC system at the correct pressure

When testing the fittings on an HVAC system, it is vitally important it is done at the correct pressure to ensure the fittings are installed correctly and fit for purpose. Here, Dan Wild, Business Unit Director for Conex Bänninger UK and Ireland, explains why and discusses the benefit of using press fittings with a ‘leak […]

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The benefits of fittings with a ‘leak before press’ indicator

When testing the pipework connections on an HVAC system it is essential it is done at the right pressure to ensure the installation has been completed correctly. Here, Dan Wild, Business Unit Director for Conex Bänninger, explains why and discusses the benefit of fittings with a ‘leak before press’ indicator. With press fittings growing in […]

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