How to bend copper pipe right – A guide for heating and plumbing engineers

Despite the increasing presence of plastic piping, copper remains the first choice for many plumbers and heating engineers. Kim Morris looks at how using the right methods for bending copper pipe can save time, money and effort during an installation. Copper pipe has been used in the UK for such a long time that it […]

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New research reveals that copper theft is “a significant problem”

With the value of raw materials regularly increasing, M&E specifiers and contractors are being urged to consider traditional pipework alternatives in order to reduce risk of theft. This warning comes from polymer specialist, REHAU, as it prepares to unveil a major new piece of research highlighting copper theft as a significant problem among M&E professionals. Out […]

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Copper is still a staple of UK plumbing as sales of flux are up 20% – says Wiseman Industries

Copper still remains a staple in the UK world of plumbing if increases in sales of flux are anything to go by, according to Wiseman Industries Ltd, manufacturers of EVERFLUX. Given its ability to be re-cycled and its longevity of use, copper remains an environmentally sustainable product. It continues to be the preferred product of […]

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Could copper be the cause of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Copper could be the cause of degenerative brain disorders like prion diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study. Researchers at Iowa State University have found that (here’s a bit of science) copper ions cause prion proteins to misfold, and the abnormal folding of prion proteins leads to brain damage and symptoms of neurodegenerative […]

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Conex Bänninger Triflow Solder Ring

Installers have trusted and relied upon Conex Bänninger Triflow Solder Ring fittings for a hassle-free, leak-free soldered connection on copper tubes. Conex Bänninger Triflow has the correct quantity of lead-free solder integrated into each fitting at the factory.  When the heat is applied, the solder fills the gap between the tube and fitting by capillary […]

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