Coming soon: Quick and easy water testing on the job

Sludge build-up from corrosion can lead to cold spots on radiators, reduced system effectiveness and diminished energy efficiency, among other issues. Of most concern are complete boiler breakdowns, in fact, 15% of all breakdowns occur in the first year and 60% of these are due to sludge. In short, poor water treatment does not make […]

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Cracking up

Bob McCunn explains how sticking to good installation practice can prevent what is the relatively rare, but destructive and costly occurrence of stress corrosion cracking when using copper alloys. Copper alloy fittings have excellent corrosion resistance, and – if installed correctly – can confidently be expected to provide trouble-free service above and beyond the manufacturer’s […]

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How to power flush

This training video has been produced to help you understand the development, operation and advantages of Powerflushing heating systems courtesy of Fernox.

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