dangerous gas appliances

There were 2,466 Gas-Related A&E Admissions in 2020-21

New research has revealed that, on average, 47 people visited A&E every week during 2020-2021 with injuries from gas appliances. Experts at Bensons Gas Engineering compared the NHS Digital Hospital Admitted Patient Care Activity reports from the last ten years to reveal the biggest causes of gas-related incidents.The latest report, published in September 2021, revealed that […]

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Heating engineers report alarming rise in dangerous gas appliances

A survey of heating engineers has identified an alarming rise in dangerous gas appliances, with over a third (39%) seeing poorly maintained or badly fitted appliances every week. The research, carried out by Campaign group Project SHOUT, also found that nearly two-thirds (61%) of engineers say they saw dangerous installs at least monthly. A further 31% […]

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