Daniel Särefjord

£1.5 billion of additional funding allocated to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The government has announced that a further £1.545 billion has been allocated for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme from 2025-2028. This, among other initiatives, reflects a commitment to driving low-carbon heating, reducing carbon emissions and assisting households in England and Wales to transition to heat pumps. Furthermore, a new £400 million energy efficiency grant, set to […]

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Aira launches heat pump business in the UK

Aira has launched into the UK, backed by £300 million in the first three years, with a distinctive and disruptive strategy selling direct to consumers on a monthly subscription with no upfront costs. The Swedish-owned company believes that the strategy will persuade UK customers away from fossil fuels and toward heat pumps and an ‘electric ecosystem’. […]

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