How convenient are public conveniences?

Public toilets have long held a certain notoriety. Originally designed for convenience to provide comfort outside of the home, today’s reality is very different. Far from offering “amenities” and “comfort breaks”, they are often unhygienic, uninspiring and unappealing – the antithesis of what is required of public washrooms. As we finally return to shared spaces, […]

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5 ways to ensure both hand hygene and water savings

During the current pandemic, hand washing and disinfection are central to the concerns of public washroom users. Hygiene is paramount, and non-contact solutions are highly desirable. However, following the primary barrier gesture against the spread of viruses goes hand-in-hand with a significant over-consumption of water and energy. More than ever, it is essential to install […]

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How to ensure washrooms minimise the risk of infection for users

As UK lockdown restrictions begin to ease, building owners, plumbing engineers and facilities managers need to ensure that all buildings – whether they are schools, offices, retail outlets, pubs or restaurants – minimise the risk of infection for users. Social distancing and mask-wearing continue to be a major barrier to the spread of the virus, […]

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