Dosafil launches contractor’s packs of solid water treatment

Following the recent successful launch of the world’s first solid domestic heating water treatment solution, the DosaFil DR range of solid paste water treatment products for domestic heating systems, the company has followed this up with the launch of two multi-product packs to offer a convenient way of purchasing the products in bulk. In addition, […]

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DosaFil launches new range of solid chemical treatment inhibitors, cleaners and biocides

DosaFil has launched a range of solid chemical treatment inhibitors, cleaners and biocides for the domestic heating and plumbing sector. The DosaFil alternative solution relies on being able to provide the active ingredients in a solid paste format that is far lighter, less dangerous to handle and transport, results in zero leakage or spillage, needs […]

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DosaFil – What installers need to know

Steve Crick, managing director of established water treatment business DosaFil, grew increasingly frustrated with traditional water treatment and decided to instil change in a methodology that had been pretty much the same for a number of decades. It is more or less accepted that all water treatment products come in a liquid form, that can […]

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