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Electric Combi Boiler Company launches ELEKTRA SMART EASY range of electric combi boilers

The Electric Combi Boiler Company (ECBC) is now introducing a new range of SMART ELECTRIC COMBI BOILERS: THE ELEKTRA SMART EASY. Here are some of the features of this new electric boiler that installers need to know about: ➔ EASY TO INSTALL: Compact and Space-Saving: The ELEKTRA SMART EASY boilers are designed with space in […]

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New LK 450 EasyHeat P 9kW electric boiler

The LK 450 EasyHeat P 9kW is a complete portable and light electric boiler. It is primarily intended to be used as a temporary heater, for example when drying concrete slabs installed with underfloor heating, or heating buildings under construction. Unlike its predecessor the LK 440 EasyHeat, which will still be available on the market, […]

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