energy labelling

New energy labelling proposal could "create confusion"

The EU Commission has announced its proposal to revise the energy labelling regulations in 2016. Ideal Boilers’ Chief Technical Officer Elaine Lancaster thinks this could create confusion for consumers: “We understand the reasons behind the EU Commission’s proposal and as a domestic boiler manufacturer, we would hope that the EU Commission is open to consultation on […]

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Energy labelling requirements "miss the real point"

The EU Commission have acknowledge the short comings of their Energy labelling requirements but still miss the real point, writes Alan Black – Director of Legislative Support at Heat Fed. As far as the Commission are concerned they admit that: The introduction of A+ and higher classes under the 2010 Energy labelling Directive reduced the effectiveness […]

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New energy labelling regulation could downgrade technologies from A to D class

‘Let’s be sensible’- warns HHIC, following the European Commission’s announcement on energy labelling. The European Commission has unveiled its proposed new energy labelling Regulation, which intends to increase energy efficiency in Europe by pushing consumers to make more energy-efficient purchase choices. Commenting on the proposed changes, Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC said: “Regulation such as the energy […]

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