energy storage

What are your energy storage options?

With cuts to the Feed-in Tariff, energy storage has become a hot topic for the industry. Having the ability to store the electricity created by solar PV panels has clear benefits to homeowners, and makes installation more financially appealing.  Steve Everard from Rexel looks at the latest technology on the market:

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New energy storage unit from Eaton and Nissan

Eaton and Nissan have developed an energy storage unit using “second-life” batteries from electric cars. The Energy Storage & Control Center (ESCC) includes multiple energy inputs from solar and the grid, acts as battery storage, and has UPS (uninterrupted power supply) capabilities for clean, balanced power delivery. The unit selects the right power sources according […]

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UK's first green energy storage system

Solar ENLES Ltd has launched the UK’s first green energy storage system that can be installed with new or existing domestic solar PV systems. By storing electricity when it is produced during the day and using it at other times, SunBat will enable domestic users to meet up to 75% of their electrical energy needs […]

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