Energy Performance Certificates are “misleading” and “should no longer be used”

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are “misleading” indicators of zero carbon buildings and should no longer be used as official guides to help lower emissions. New analysis by Ingleton Wood shows actual carbon emissions for electrically heated buildings are around 60% lower than predicted by EPCs, mainly because EPC methodology uses carbon factors set by the […]

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Don’t scrap EPCs, redesign them to show cost, carbon AND energy metric – MPs warned

MPs have been advised that Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) should give equal prominence to cost, carbon and energy, following the design and the visual approach used in food labelling. Energy performance assessment specialist Elmhurst Energy is calling on the Government to make the change, to enable better formulation of future energy efficiency legislation. In its response to […]

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New report investigates how improving an EPC will affect the price of a home

A recent study by MoneySuperMarket investigates how homeowners can look to increase the value of their property by improving their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). It revealed that an increase from the lowest rating, G, to as little as F can have a 6% price increase on average while raising it to an A or B […]

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20 millionth Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) issued

The 20 millionth Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has been issued for homes and commercial buildings in England and Wales. EPCs were first introduced in 2007 as part of the Home Information Pack, which was scrapped in 2010. However the Government kept the EPC as an effective way to measure the energy performance of buildings and […]

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