Finding a filter that fits!

Over the last decade the average size of new build homes has steadily decreased as developers look to further utilise space. This has had a knock-on effect for the plumbing and heating industry as manufacturers work to develop efficient, space saving solutions to ease plumbing installations. The latest space saving solution from Altecnic is the […]

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Smart filter helps limit home visits during pandemic

This year has been unlike any other with the global pandemic changing priorities in many industries. For a lot of plumbing and heating businesses it has been a challenging balancing act between helping homeowners with urgent work and keeping businesses running, whilst adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and staying safe. Businesses like Heatable, the online boiler […]

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Solving common problems with Fernox

Richard Crisp, Head of Chemistry at Fernox, looks at the core products installers should always have to hand and explains how they work. A day in the life of a heating and plumbing installer is never the same, so being prepared to handle as many on-site scenarios as possible is key. Whether it be boiler […]

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