flow rates

Flow rates in a heat pump system – What installers need to know

In his next column, Paul Spence, Technical Manager for heatly, looks at what can affect flow rate in a heat pump system and consequently the amount of energy needed to keep a house warm, while explaining the calculations needed to work this out accurately. All wet heating systems rely on warm water flowing through pipes […]

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5 ways to make multi-occupancy buildings more sustainable

Richard Bateman, Product Marketing Manager at RWC, looks at five ways installers and specifiers can make multi-occupancy buildings more sustainable. Cities across the UK have been experiencing rapid growth over recent decades and, as their populations have expanded, so too have their buildings. Today, multi-occupancy properties – those that contain two or more units – […]

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How to solve water pressure issues with Stuart Turner’s Mainsboost

Many homeowners are frustrated by low water pressure and flow rates. Stuart Turner Mainsboost products are designed to solve issues relating to low incoming mains pressure and flow.  Here we discuss some of the key considerations when selecting a product from the range.  Many homeowners are unaware that many home improvements, such as changing to […]

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