Win a Fluxuator at #InstallerFESTIVAL

Fluxuator is joining #InstallerFESTIVAL with an exclusive giveaway. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Instagram accounts at 10am on Tuesday 22nd September to find out how to win a Fluxuator. The Fluxuator is a tool designed by plumbers, for plumbers. The innovative dosing head ensures an even coverage of flux to copper pipes […]

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The Fluxuator – What installers need to know

It may have started life as an inkling of an idea, but the Fluxuator is increasingly becoming a mainstay in the toolkits of installers across the country. Installer met with the team behind the product to find out more. When Installer met Dom Fowls and the team behind Fluxuator, they had just come from their ‘pitch’ to a […]

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