Frozen Boiler Condensate

How to protect external pipework for heat pumps and boilers

Installer looks at how installers can protect external pipework from freezing weather quickly and effectively: Installer and inventor of Condensate Pro, Dave Smith, has developed ‘Primary Pro’, which helps installers provide maximum efficiency with a professional finish on any customers’ home or property. The Primary Pro product includes bespoke 28mm x 19mm UV-stable and weatherproof […]

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Baxi launches four-step guide and video for homeowners, to reduce unnecessary frozen condensate callouts

Baxi has created a simple, four-step guide intended for homeowners, to help installers reduce the number of unnecessary frozen condensate callouts. There’s also an explanatory video, to explain to customers the reasons behind condensate issues on their heating systems, and how to resolve them. Watch the video: David Cook, Sales Director at Baxi, explains […]

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