fuel costs

5 ways installers can avoid paying premium fuel prices at the pumps

Motorists can save cash at the fuel pumps by taking advantage of five cost cutting pieces of advice aimed at Britain’s army of truck and van drivers. Here are the tips from LeaseVan.co.uk to avoid paying premium prices at the pumps: 1 – Avoid motorway service stations at all costs Fuel tends to be 10 to […]

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Drivers are being fleeced by rising fuel costs – says FairFuel UK

Supermarkets may have slashed the price of fuel at the pumps, but drivers are still getting “fleeced” by unnecessary hikes, says FairFuel UK. The campaigners claim the amount that consumers pay for their petrol and diesel is no way reflected in the wholesale and retail data collected in the last 12 months. They’re calling on the Government […]

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