fuel prices

9 in 10 tradespeople forced to raise prices due to petrol crisis

Rising fuel costs are hitting UK tradespeople hard, and nine in ten (90%) say they are being forced to increase their prices to keep their businesses alive.  With petrol and diesel reaching record levels and topping £2 per litre in some areas, IronmongeryDirect surveyed 500 tradespeople to reveal the impact this is having on the industry. […]

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8/10 installers are concerned about rising fuel prices – New research out now

The post-COVID consumer boom in home improvements and renovations is abruptly coming to an end. Installers are now facing the ‘triple whammy’ of material cost inflation, surging fuel prices and order books dwindling. New research released by Eureka! seeks to shine a light on how tradespeople are struggling with these inflationary pressures and their confidence […]

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7 top tips for making your fuel go further

Saving money will most definitely be on the agenda for many this year but many neglect the expenses that come from your vehicle. IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman gives his top tips on saving fuel: Try to keep your driving smooth, gentle acceleration and using the highest safe gear will use less […]

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