gas grid

“Extending the gas network provides a cost effective way to tackle fuel poverty” – claims former Minister

“Households are 50 per cent more likely to be in fuel poverty if they aren’t connected to gas and that is a fact that can no longer be ignored” said Mike Foster, former Government Minister and current Chief Executive of the Energy and Utilities Alliance, as he delivered his speech at Utility Week Live at the […]

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Is the Government's plan to decarbonise household heating a ‘colossal waste of money’?

Worcester, Bosch Group has welcomed a report by the Policy Exchange which outlines the high cost of the Government’s plans to decarbonise household heating. The damning report by Richard Howard, Head of Environment and Energy at the Policy Exchange, describes the Government’s current stance, and the role that electric heat pumps play in the domestic […]

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Will extending the gas grid help tackle fuel poverty?

Fuel poverty is a real issue for homes in the UK. Rising energy prices and inefficient buildings mean people are spending a good chunk of their income on fuel bills, and some are struggling to find the money to keep warm. According to the latest Government statistics, in 2012, the number of households in fuel […]

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