Graham Wretham

Electrical work in swimming pools – What installers need to know

Electrical work in swimming pools and other water-based locations brings its own regulations – and challenges. Graham Wretham explains how to interpret the different zones and how each of them has to be treated differently. The scope of this special location applies to basins of swimming pools, the basins of fountains and the basins of […]

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Electrical installation requirements for sauna cabins

The increased risk of electrical shock associated with sauna cabins means that they are treated as special locations. Graham Wretham looks into the rules and regulations governing their installation. NOTE This topic considers the electrical installation requirements for sauna cabins erected on site. That is, the cabin being erected in a specific location or room. […]

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Earthing and bonding requirements when relocating the gas meter

There are many occasions where the gas engineer is required to relocate the gas meter, usually from the existing position inside the property to a new outside cabinet. Graham Wretham explains what should happen regarding the existing earthing and bonding requirements. Firstly, it is important to note the fundamental requirements of the IET Wiring Regulations, […]

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