What are the best alternatives to harmful F-gases?

The risks fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) pose to our environment are certainly not news to those operating in fields where these are – or were – widely used. Their global warming potential (GWP) is far higher than that of CO2, making them a huge contributor to climate change. The 2020 F-gas ban has helped reduce […]

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Panasonic launches new ECOi-W R290 chiller

Panasonic’s new ECOi-W R290 chiller is operated with the natural refrigerant R290. Alongside the 35kW unit is its expanded capacity range of 50-80kW, ideal for air conditioning and heating commercial buildings and industrial applications. The unit achieves a SEER of 4.33 and a SCOP of 3.54, with an energy efficiency class A+. This is achieved, […]

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