Heating engineers in Wales urged to prepare for new environmental regulations

Heating engineers who work with oil in Wales are being encouraged to prepare for new environmental regulations, to avoid the risk off a £5,000 fine. New regulations from Natural Resources Wales, due to come into force in March 2020, will mean that all above ground tanks in excess of 200 litres, used to store oil […]

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Harlequin launches "ground-breaking" Harlequin HeatStream cylinder

Harlequin MFGhas launched the Harlequin HeatStream, a revolutionary square, plastic, vented system that delivers main pressurised hot water. A ground-breaking advancement in hot water storage, the product is a hybrid incorporating many of the advantages of Vented, Unvented and Thermal Store cylinders. The Harlequin HeatStream range is the result of a collaboration of industry expertise in […]

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