HB42 launches PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block

HB42 has launched a premium white shellac primer-sealer, PS1 Primer-Sealer Stain Block. Formulated for high performance, permanent stain blocking, this powerful product stains blocks in just one coat. PS1 is suitable for interior surfaces and to ‘spot’ exterior surfaces. Providing a rapid matt finish that covers stains in one coat, it is ideal for use […]

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How plumbers and heating engineers can save money with sealants and adhesives

Scarlet McAleese-Banks, Co-Managing Director of HB42, looks at how sealants and adhesives can save time and money for heating and plumbing installers. From waterproofing a wet room to sealing kitchens and bathrooms – sealants and adhesives can be your best friends out on site. With the multitude of formulas available, you can tackle most jobs […]

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HB42 launches Ultimate Liquid Grab – a powerful trade-strength adhesive

HB42 has launched the Ultimate Liquid Grab, a powerful trade-strength adhesive for use on a wide range of materials. Suitable for all vertical and full surface bonding applications, HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab can be used when bonding shower wall panels, splash backs and cladding tiles. The product is also appropriate for bonding tile on tile […]

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HB42 launches the Ultimate Waterproofer

Leading sealants and adhesives specialist HB42 has launched its new Ultimate Waterproofer. Available in trade-sized 6kg tubs, this waterproof membrane is highly elastic, self-levelling, non-brittle, and has gap filling properties suitable for all kinds of repairs and seals both internally and externally. You can apply the HB42 Ultimate Waterproofer straight from the tub with a […]

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78% of tradespeople say they would use Eco Foils over Single Use Plastics

A survey carried out by HB42 shows that the trade is mindful of the environment, sustainability and the inpact they have on the planet. 87% said sustainability and the environmental impact of construction work is an important issue for them 97% believes the industry could be less wasteful in terms of packaging 100% agree that […]

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