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Has gas had its day? Rob Berridge takes a look

Rob Berridge, a Heating Design Consultant and Director of Heat Engineer Software, looks at whether gas will have a place in the future energy mix: When I started this train of thought I shuddered at the thought of my beloved fuel (gas) becoming obsolete. I say obsolete but in reality, I am only referring to […]

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Three carbon monoxide safety tips to keep homes safe

When it comes to carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, there are many misconceptions in terms of CO safety and, unless these are corrected, can leave householders exposed to the risks of CO poisoning. Adrian Keats from Honeywell Home Safety gives his top tips on keeping homes safe and explains why, even in the current challenging climate, […]

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What is classed as an engineer?

Rob Berridge from Heat Engineer Software asks: “What is classed as an engineer?”. When forming an opinion, one must have experience or at least some recognised understanding of the subject in question. These are fundamental qualifications that generally only come from many years of repetitive and lucid actions that are always very hard-earned and indeed, […]

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Watch: A new approach to sizing boilers and heat pumps

The energy-efficiency of UK homes is one of the hottest topics in the heating and plumbing industry. A lot of headlines are made about the future of heat, whether it be hydrogen boilers, heat pumps, hybrids ETC, but heat loss isn’t such a well-publicised topic. Catch up on our webinar with Rob Berridge, from Heat Engineer Software, to […]

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The industry should come together to build and market smaller output boilers – says Rob Berridge

Rob Berridge – Director at Heat Engineer Software – is encouraging the industry to work together to promote smaller output boilers, in a bid to improve efficiency and lower emissions. There comes a time in most people’s career where they question the sanity of the industry that they’re part of, and then have no choice but to question their […]

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