Herschel's training programme is designed to help installers learn about Far infrared heating

Herschel’s training programme is designed to keep installers ahead of the game. It includes a brand new introductory course that explains Far infrared simply, yet thoroughly. There is also a new accreditation exam for installers and a redesigned marketing portal for dealers. Offering dealers and installers world-leading instruction in infrared heat, Herschel’s new and updated […]

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Family cut monthly electricity bill from £153 to £40 by switching to Herschel Far infrared heaters

A family living in a house dating from 1350 heated by storage and plug–in electric heaters, have cut their monthly electricity bill from £153 to £40 by switching to Herschel Far infrared heaters.   Rebecca and Richard Collis’ house in north Somerset is a large thatched property which has been divided to create four homes and […]

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Far infrared heaters use typically 40% less energy than ‘energy efficient’ electric heaters

Far infrared heaters typically require almost 40% less energy than conventional ‘energy efficient’ electric heaters. This is the message from Herschel, the UK market leader in Far infrared heating which provides solutions for many different environments, including homes and commercial premises. Most electric heating requires around 45 watts per m³, whereas infrared heating needs only […]

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What is Far infrared heating?

For many, the most familiar form of infrared heating is the tungsten halogen or quartz lamps that cast a red light and are popular for heating outdoor and large public spaces. These use either Short or Medium wave infrared but they are not the only option. Herschel Far infrared employs the third and most comfortable […]

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