HiKOKI launches M3612DA 36V cordless router

HiKOKI Power Tools has launched the cordless M3612DA 36V brushless router. Whether it’s grooving, bevelling, cutting, copying or engraving, with the HiKOKI cordless router, buttery-smooth shape cutting into timber materials has never been easier. The M3612DA 36V router is powered by HiKOKI’s 36V Multi Volt batteries, delivering the shunt, grunt and high cutting performance you […]

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HiKOKI launches DH18DPA Rotary Hammer Drill

HiKOKI Power Tools UK has launched the DH18DPA Rotary Hammer Drill, the latest addition to its cordless power tool range. Measuring just 231mm from the top of the head to the user’s hand, for anyone needing to drill into masonry, concrete or stone, the DH18DPA Rotary Hammer Drill the tool to reach for. The DH18DPA […]

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HiKOKI launches NP18DSAL 18V 23 gauge Pin Nailer and N18DSL Pin Stapler

HiKOKI Power Tools UK has launched two new tools for its extensive nailer range – the NP18DSAL Pin Nailer and the N18DSL 23 Gauge stapler. The N18DSL 18V stapler is a compact and lightweight tool, with an easily adjustable driving depth. With a length of 235mm, the N18DSL 18V weighs just 1.7kg, excluding its battery […]

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HiKOKI launches world’s first Cordless Portable Rebar Cutter/Bender

HiKOKI Power Tools UK has launched the world’s first Cordless Portable Rebar Cutter/Bender. Powered by HiKOKI’s ground-breaking 36V Multi Volt batteries, the VB36 16 DA weighs in at a portable 18.6Kg yet delivers some serious AC power with DC freedom. Watch the video of the VB36 16 DA in action here: Rebar (reinforcing bar) is […]

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HiKOKI’s brushless twin pack kits now available with 36V Multi Volt batteries

HiKOKI Power Tools UK has relaunched its KC18DBFL2 and KC18DPL 18V Brushless Twin Pack Kits with 36V Multi Volt batteries. When running at 36 Volts (V) the BSL36A18 Multi Volt batteries have a capacity of 2.5 Ampere-hours (Ah), and 5.0Ah at 18V. That means that the 36V battery packs have a capacity of more than […]

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