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The rise of the home energy management system

Development of renewable energy and increased electricity demand means that there is a growing need for technology to help manage and consume it in the most efficient way possible. Here, Jamie Bennett, Engineering Director at Drayton, discusses how the industry is shifting towards the concept of ‘Home Energy Management’ and why installers need to be […]

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Dramatic fall in cost of running household goods

Watching TV, washing your clothes and even turning on the lights is now cheaper than it was ten years ago. Research published today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows the cost of running household appliances has tumbled and, in some cases, halved due to tougher minimum performance standards which have led to […]

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Energy customers warned about scams

Many pre-pay energy customers end up paying for their gas and electricity twice thanks to a criminal scam. EnergyHelpline.com

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UK 'could face power shortages'

The prospect of old energy plants closing before new ones begin producing could lead to power shortages. EnergyHelpline.com

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Ed Davey 'could change Energy Bill'

Ed Davey is reportedly considering making a series of changes to the country’s Energy Bill. EnergyHelpline.com

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