UK boiler breakdowns surged due to lockdown – says Hometree

Hometree  has reported a 12% increase in year-on-year boiler breakdowns over the winter. The most common complaints were a lack of heating, low boiler pressure, and leaks. During colder snaps frozen condensate pipe issues peaked. More than 50% of boiler breakdowns occur in the winter, which usually equates to just over 2.5m² UK households suffering […]

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New Hometree company threatens to "disrupt the boiler and home services industry"

Another company is threatening to disrupt the boiler and home services industry.  Over the last two years, the heating and plumbing industry has seen new technology-lead companies entering the market, targeting consumers with “Uber-style” online business models. This has been a big talking point with independent installers who run small and medium-sized businesses, who are concerned […]

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