hydrogen blend

Opinion: We all win with Net Zero common sense, calm and commitment

UK Net Zero ambitions can be truly delivered with a measured, pragmatic, and transparent stance if adopted by all the players in the heating and hot water industry, says Rinnai Managing Director Tony Gittings: The manufacturing sector of the heating and hot water industry has a responsibility in playing a leading role in the reduction […]

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Rinnai announces N Series limitless hot water units are ‘Hydrogen Blend Ready’

Rinnai has announced that, after an extensive testing and verification process, its current Sensei N Series range is ‘Hydrogen ready’ now for the proposed initial supply of hydrogen blends fed through the existing gas infrastructure. The Sensei N Series can by powered by a blend of up to 30% hydrogen, Rinnai UK is also in […]

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Baxi boiler ranges achieve certification for use with 20% hydrogen blend

The Baxi 600, Baxi 800 and Baxi Assure ranges of gas boilers have achieved certification to run on a 20% hydrogen blend. The examination certificate issued by an independent notified body states: The boilers are qualified for the addition of up to 20vol.-% hydrogen to natural gas (G20) as burning gas. Until the gas network […]

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