What Gas Safety Week taught us about the future of hydrogen

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, recounts this year’s Gas Safety Week and what it has told us about the future of hydrogen: Gas Safety Week is an important week every year when we take the time to highlight gas safety with a particular emphasis on the need to […]

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Hydrogen vs Heat pumps – An Installer’s View

Heating Engineer and Installer Columnist Andy Gibbs gives his view on the media attention surrounding the future of heat: It’s the biggest discussion on everyone’s lips at the moment and we recently had a heated debate about this topic at InstallerSHOW, so I thought I’d expand on some of my views. So, Hydrogen or Heat […]

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Over half of Brits are open to owning a hydrogen boiler – Says new research

New research from Worcester Bosch has found that over half of Brits are open to owning a hydrogen boiler. However, despite 90% knowing they are more sustainable than existing natural gas units, most would rather someone else try one first. Sustainability is a huge topic, and we are all aware of the need to be […]

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Opinion: Come on Boris, Give Us a Clue!

Neil Schofield, Head of Government and External Affairs for the Worcester Bosch Group, discusses progress on government decarbonisation targets: Lately, there have been several developments in government when it comes to decarbonisation. However, an air of uncertainty surrounds the journey to Net Zero 2050 which ought to be cleared up by government as decarbonisation targets […]

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The UK’s first Hydrogen Homes – What installers need to know

Installer was invited by Worcester Bosch to see its 100% hydrogen prototype boiler in action, at the UK’s first Hydrogen Home. Here are the key things that installers need to know: The Hydrogen Homes were opened on 15 July, which showcase how houses with appliances fuelled entirely by hydrogen would work. The two semi-detached homes […]

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