5 top tips for driving in icy conditions

With white frosty mornings also comes icy roads, so Richard Gladman from IAM RoadSmart has put together some advice on how to deal with driving and riding on ice – and keep Jack Frost at bay: Only drive if it is really necessary. In very bad weather it is better to stay in or take […]

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Government launches Road to Zero Strategy to cut vehicle emissions

As the government this week launches its Road to Zero Strategy with the aim of leading the world in zero-emission vehicle technology, road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has warned them not to ignore the part that drivers must play in their plans and how they can make a massive difference to its success or failure. […]

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IAM Roadsmart calls for drivers to take more care as pedestrian deaths rise 10%

IAM RoadSmart is urging drivers to up their game and be more alert for other road users, as pedestrians now make up a quarter of all deaths on our roads, ahead of motorcyclists or cyclists. Only car occupants have a worse record. According to Department for Transport figures in 2016, some 448 pedestrians lost their […]

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5 road distractions to look out for in your vehicle

We’re all aware of the distractions around us when we’re driving, such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes. But how often do we check what potential distractions we have inside our vehicle? Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, lists five items that could cause a distraction while driving. 5 – Smoking and […]

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