Baxi launches new Multifit IFOS ensuring there's a model for every flue

Baxi has announced that its Multifit IFOS in flue outdoor sensor can now be fitted on vertical as well as horizontal flues. It has also launched a range of accessories for the patented IFOS, including the Multifit IFOS System and the Ridge Tile Kit. Originally launched in April 2018 to make it easier and more […]

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Baxi launches IFOS (In Flue Outdoor Sensor) to help installers comply with Boiler Plus

Baxi has officially launched the pioneering IFOS (In Flue Outdoor Sensor), which will help make Boiler Plus compliance both simple and cost-effective for installers and homeowners. Entirely unique to the market, the patented Baxi IFOS clips onto the air duct of the horizontal flue terminal, resulting in a straightforward install which takes just minutes. Crucially, […]

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What does Boiler Plus really mean for installers?

Boiler Plus has now come into effect, but what does this really mean for installers? Jeff House, regulatory marketing manager at Baxi, breaks it down. Installers will no doubt have seen many references to Boiler Plus over the last few months, and should they wish to get the full technical picture, can find the relevant […]

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