Blended Products launches Serviceblend AIR all-in-one biocide and inhibitor

Blended Products has announced a new addition to the Serviceblend range, Serviceblend AIR. Formulated specifically for air source heat pumps to help maintain optimal thermal conductivity whilst preventing unnecessary maintenance. Serviceblend AIR is an all-in-one biocide and inhibitor for use in monobloc heat pumps. All-in-One Serviceblend AIR rules out the need to manually measure the […]

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ADEY answers your questions live on Twitter

ADEY ProCheck® is set to revolutionise the way you do water testing. You’ve heard about it, you may have seen it, but is there something you really need to know before you do anything about it? Installer is holding a live Q&A session with ADEY over on Twitter to answer your burning questions. ADEY ProCheck […]

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The benefits of using a comprehensive inhibitor package.

It’s important to protect domestic central heating systems against debris build-up and to aid in maintaining system efficiency. Francine Wickham – Marketing Director for Fernox – explores the benefits of using a comprehensive inhibitor package. The importance of cleaning a central heating system is common knowledge for installers. However, without the use of a high […]

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