The hard truth: why a softener doesn’t always mean improved water quality

Stuart Gizzi, Director of Inta, looks at why installing a water softener doesn’t always mean improved water quality: Most of the UK has hard water – and with hard water comes limescale. It furs up the central heating system and kettle, scales up taps and shower heads and can make appliances such as washing machines less […]

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Why water-saving should be a year-round focus

Stuart Gizzi, Director of Inta, looks at why water-saving should be a year-round focus, not just during heatwaves: The UK has been in the grip of a heatwave for the past few weeks, with the prolonged dry spell creating increasing difficulties across the country. A hosepipe ban has already been introduced (and lifted) in Northern […]

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More anti-scald education needed after 79-year-old man dies from after falling into a scalding hot bath

After the tragic news that a 79-year-old man died after falling in a scalding hot bath at his Romford home, the director of leading bathroom product manufacturer Inta is once again calling for more to be done to avoid such tragic incidents. Stuart Gizzi has long campaigned about the importance of anti-scald products, urging installers […]

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IntaKlean Maxi commercial range of magnetic filters can protect heating systems this winter

With winter fast approaching, facilities managers in care homes, hospitals, schools and colleges will be checking that the boiler rooms can cope with the demands of the coldest season of the year. Keeping the heating systems in optimal condition ensures that they run efficiently and also helps to control running costs. However, it is the […]

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Inta says “caution very hot water” signs are no excuse after tragic scalding death

Stuart Gizzi from anti-scald manufacturer Inta, explains why “Caution very hot water” signs are no excuse for scalding death. We know about bathtime scalding. Since 2002 when we launched our company with what has become Britain’s best selling anti-scald valve, we have innovated to make products better, cheaper and easier to fit and we have campaigned […]

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