Do installers give a total price or itemised bill when charging the customer?

In his exclusive Installer column, Heating and Plumbing Engineer Andy Gibbs tackles the questions surrounding quotation and payment: This month I’m looking at why you should, or actually, should not, provide customers with full breakdowns of quotes. You know the sort of customer. You pop by to look at their straightforward boiler swap or repipe their […]

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Webinar: The hassle-free, no excuses way to get paid on time

Many businesses struggle to get their invoices paid on time with research showing that around 30% of UK invoices are paid late. This figure increases for small businesses with 60% saying they regularly have invoices paid late. In the current economic climate, this can mean the difference between businesses surviving or not. Payments shouldn’t be […]

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Installers' cashflow to be boosted as Government lifts restrictions on invoice finance

Early 2016 will see the introduction of a ban on anti-invoice finance terms in contracts. This new measure is set to particularly benefit small businesses by helping them to secure finance against money owed to them in invoices, speeding up economic growth and increasing numbers of available jobs. The move is also expected to provide […]

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